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    Dedicated to promoting the principles of awareness, justice, and understanding, the Brandeis Asian-American Students Association seeks to educate and unify the Brandeis undergraduate community. BAASA organizes and hosts a variety of cultural, social, and educational events throughout the academic school year.


    Established in 1971 at the onset of anti-Asian sentiment, the Brandeis Asian American Students Association (BAASA) felt the need to create a safe place for Asians and Asian Americans to freely voice their opinions and concerns. Though some of the same struggles exist today, the founding members laid the foundation for social and political activism for future generations.

    As BAASA grows, we continue to promote activism and awareness to the Brandeis community and beyond. We draw our support and ideas from our diverse Asian-American and non-Asian membership. We seek to bridge and share our cultures with each other and the Brandeis community, and to continually educate others and ourselves about current issues dealing with race and politics. Through the implementation of interclub activities such as the annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, co-sponsored forums, and various discussions, we uphold standards of the Brandeis community by promoting the universal acceptance and understanding of all peoples.



    It is one of our yearly traditions to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in the Spring semester, with multiple large events in the month of March (to avoid collisions with finals in April and May). Here are the latest!

    2015's APAHM emphasized power and passion. Here We Are, after years of marginalization, racism, and caricaturization, adorned in sleek fashion that exude SKINplicity, On the Rise as we head into the future and what new opportunities it brings.

    In this year, we featured guest performers/speakers Alex Dang, Suey Park, Mike Song, Awkwafina, DJ Zo, and Dumbfoundead, among many others!

    In 2014, we Bridged the Gap between Asian and American identities with cultural performances, a heartwarming skit, spoken word, and interpretive dance, culminating with an electrifying dance-off and performance by Yuri Tag!

    In 2013, we Broke the Bamboo Ceiling by challenging the oft-translucent barriers that hinder AA progress in the workplace and in society (a la the glass ceiling).


    We love working with the rich intercollegiate community in and near Boston. Here are a few organizations we've collaborated with!

    Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association

    Mission: to unite Asian American students at Harvard and raise greater awareness of Asian American issues through social, cultural and political events.

    ECAASU Campus Tour 2013


    In 2013, we collaborated with Harvard College to bring the ECAASU Campus Tour to Boston, a half-day conference with speakers from the East Coast Asian American Coalition, the Boston Chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals, and more.


    ECAASU Conference 2015

    The 2015 *ECAASU spring conference, New Asian American, looked at identity differently from ever before by incorporating intersections and acknowledging the diversity of the APIA identity.

    Boston, Massachusetts


    We worked together with Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, Northeastern and Tufts to develop, plan, and create a heavily successful conference with nearly 2,000 attendees in Boston!



    Wendy Yang


    Wendy is a junior at Brandeis, majoring in Chemical Biology and minoring in music. She was born in China, but grew up in the deep south. She's very honored to serve as this year's president and hopes to use this role to both learn more and educate others about the AAPI community. When she isn't stressing over chem mechanisms in the library, you can find her either drinking coffee or eating some combination of fruit + granola + peanut butter.

    Anthony Liu

    Vice President

    Anthony is a Junior studying Biology and Computer Science with a passion for weightlifting, coffee, and computer-human interfaces. He was born in California and is a total Cali-bro but doesn't aggressively consume avocado. Catch him in the gym or lower green for some great life advice.

    Alison Kan


    Alison is a sophomore from Massachusetts majoring in biochemistry and on the pre-med track. She was born in Canada, but mostly raised in U.S. Growing up with a great appreciation for the Chinese culture and her Cantonese heritage, her family has bestowed upon her a love of dim sum and dumplings. When she isn’t studying, Alison loves to take photos, find cool restaurants, read, cook new recipes, or paint. Alison is super excited to be a part of BAASA this year as secretary and looks forward to organizing new events and spreading awareness about AAPI issues.

    Emily Hong

    Head Treasurer

    Emily Hong is a junior at Brandeis, pursuing a double major in Economics and Business, and a minor in Mathematics. Over the summer, she interned at a local firm in Concord and is excited for everything up this year!

    Coming back to BAASA for another year as Head Treasurer, she will be dedicating much of her time to poring over spreadsheets and securing funding to make BAASA events the best they can be. On a serious note, she hopes to continue connecting with the AAPI community on campus and gaining greater understanding of social and political issues in this space.

    In her free time, Emily likes to watch cute dog videos, read The Penny Hoarder, and go out looking for the best food, ice cream, and boba that Boston has to offer. Also somewhat of a serial shopaholic and Colbert fan. Always feel free to reach out about anything!

    Yaoyao Gao

    Assistant Treasurer

    Yaoyao Gao is a sophomore from New York, intending on majoring in economics, and possibly computer science. She is an avid reader with particular interest in the Asian culture. She loves to hunt for internships over the summer and aspire to become an Excel ninja.
    In her spare time, Yaoyao is exercising in the gym and watching YouTube videos to get a good laugh for the day. Her hobbies include: sketching, experimenting with oil paint and watercolors, finding good hits for working out, and taking good care of her skin.

    Yun-Kyung Kim

    Event Planning Committee

    Yun-Kyung is a sophomore at Brandeis University interested in studying biology and English. She was born in Buffalo, NY, but lived most of her life in Dayton, OH. To function, Yun-Kyung drinks enough coffee to run through her veins. Other than being an avid coffee drinker, she loves lifting and eating—especially dried mangoes. Yun-Kyung is grateful and honored to be on the Event Planning Committee for BAASA. She is looking forward to broadening the conversation about Asian-Americans to spread awareness, understanding, and change.

    Serena Shen

    Event Planning Committee

    Serena is a junior from New York majoring in Business and Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing. Having always had a great appreciation for her Chinese heritage, she is excited to return to BAASA as part of the Events Planning Committee and bring more awareness to the AAPI community. Alongside BAASA, Serena is also a Peer Advocate and the Media and Communications Coordinator at the Brandeis Rape Crisis Center. Besides professing her love for sleep yet not ever sleeping enough, Serena enjoys watching YouTube videos and TV to try to “stay hip with the kids.” She also writes plenty and spent all summer practicing her photography skills. And guys, the rumors are true—she still loves dogs with all her heart and is very easily manipulated by them. Her dream of opening a ranch full of nothing but dogs is still in the works so stay tuned.

    Laura Wei

    APAHM Events Chair

    Laura is a sophomore at Brandeis from the greater Boston area, intending to major in biology and on the pre-med track. When she's not sleeping in, she's probably either napping, or dozing off in class. She enjoys watching kpop dance videos, learning languages, and hopes to travel the world one day. Growing up in a predominantly white town, she has not experienced much diversity until she got to Brandeis. She is extremely excited to be a part of BAASA this year as APAHM coordinator to celebrate Asian-American talent and to learn more about the AAPI community.

    Bits Sangiorgi

    Gala Chair

    Bits is a rising sophomore at Brandeis university who is hoping to double major in biology and sociology. She was born in California but was raised predominantly in Massachusetts where she lives today. When she isn't studying Bits enjoys listening to music and watching old horror movies. On the weekends you'll sometimes find her out and about exploring with friends or working at Starbucks as a barista. She is exceptionally excited to see what the coming year brings for BAASA and is honored to be coordinating the gala this year!

    Tamara Garcia

    SKIN Chair

    Tamara is a senior from Miami, majoring in East Asian Studies and Politics. Tamara comes from a multicultural background (her parents are from Spain and Japan) and she is excited to be a part of BAASA to explore what is means to be an of Asian descent in America today.


    Crystal Leung

    Digital Media Chair

    Digital Media Chair Crystal is a senior. She was born in Hong Kong, but has lived in Shanghai for a long time. She will probably major in Business and Econ and minoring in Music. When she is free, she enjoys eating and chilling. She finds it most delightful to eat a lot but to still look like she didn’t. When she is actually free, she enjoys hanging out with friends, eating, and chilling with them. Exploring new foods is great, especially when its cheap. She looks forward to another great year with BAASA.

    Janny Zou

    Digital Media Chair

    Say hi to Janny! Her name is spelled with an "a" because her mom misspelled "Jenny" on her birth certificate, but it makes her unique :) She enjoys a variety of hobbies such as baking, drawing, hiking, Taekwondo (she won a national title!), photography, and more.
    Janny is on a pre-med track (which is why you might see her as an EMT on a BEMCo call), double majoring in Biology and Sociology. Always having been passionate about learning about her Asian American identity and AAPI issues, she's super excited to serve on BAASA EBoard this year; she's ready to capture some picture perfect moments for y'all!

    Dong-Min Sung

    Internal Outreach Chair

    Dong-Min Sung is a 3rd year at Brandeis University, studying biology. After graduating from Brandeis University, he plans to go into dental school. He was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to the States when he was 11 months old. He loves to dance, sing/play guitar, be trash at league, watch animated shows, cooking, but should start exercising. Recently, he's taken in interest in photography in order to look like he's artsy. He hopes to help bring awareness of AAPI issues and build bridges with other communities. Also, you can say hi to him.

    Johnstone Tcheou

    External Outreach Chair

    Johnstone is a rising sophomore from Manhattan, NY. Although he got bored in the first episode of Game of Thrones, he is totally okay with people calling him Jon Snow. He is aspiring to major in HSSP and Biology, with a minor in Linguistics, but is currently questioning his career goals. Aside from studying, he enjoys spending his time playing too many video games, playing guitar or bass, watching YouTube, watching soccer, shopping, and stuffing his face with food. If he isn't sleep deprived, he may even embarrass himself by playing soccer, something very out of the couch potato's element. Having spent most of his life in Chinatown, he has grown familiar with the AAPI society, and wants to unite the Asian American community and represent the culture on campus. He wants BAASA to become a home for both Brandeisians and the AAPI around Boston, so the organization can lend help to those who need it, and can teach and celebrate the culture that unites all people of AAPI heritage. To him, BAASA is a family, and he wants to extend an invite to everyone who is interested in the AAPI culture and community.

    Juliana An

    Freshman Representative

    Juliana is a freshman who was born in South Korea and moved to Southern California at age 6. Having always an immense respect for authors, directors, and creative people, she enjoys analyzing film, books, and artworks. When she’s not busy tackling life’s struggles, she loves watching Game of Thrones, Suits, Orange is the New Black, and Masters of None. She also loves kidnapping her friends for food adventures even when trips cost $30 just for Uber. She intends to study Business and Creative Writing—she spent an entire summer writing a story just about red-bean mochi. Passionate about Asian history, Juliana is excited and honored to be this year’s Freshmen Representative and increase awareness and stories about the “Asian American experience”. Juliana is also a writer for The Hoot newspaper and a volunteer for the Waltham group.

    Jamie Noh

    Freshman Representative

    Jamie is a freshman who is currently undecided but she's leaning towards social sciences. She was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Manhattan, New York City. She is really excited to be joining BAASA and to continue discussing AAPI issues in college! Back in New York, she worked with anti-gentrification + immigrant justice groups in Chinatown and organized an AAPI student conference called AALFY. Aside from learning about AAPI activism, she enjoys fencing (she's on the fencing team!), graphic design, and watching Korean TV shows. She is excited to explore what it means to be Asian American (and more specifically, Korean American) at Brandeis!

    Lilian Wang

    Senior Advisor

    Lilian is a senior, majoring in Education Studies and minoring in Teacher Education. She is also currently working for her Master of Arts in Teaching as a dual degree! When she isn't studying or lazing in bed, she enjoys going out to eat with friends, playing Frisbee and basketball, and of course, lying in bed watching kdramas. BAASA has a special place in her heart, as she has served on eboard for 2 years, including VP last year. She is excited to be a Senior Advisor this year and can't wait to watch the new eboard bring BAASA to greater heights.

    Patrick Chen

    Senior Advisor

    Patrick is a senior studying computer science and business. He was born in Taiwan and grew up in San Francisco. He's very excited for the coming year and the great BAASA events we have planned.


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    The Brandeis Asian American Students Association is always seeking the support of its peers to help carry out its mission of spreading Asian American culture awareness. If you would like to become involved in any way (whether it is an idea, suggestions/feedback, an event you’d like to see/or volunteer for), please feel free to let us know!


    BAASA is located at Brandeis University, a private research university with a liberal arts focus dedicated to upholding social justice. Only a half-hour from Boston, Brandeis provides free shuttle service to and from campus with stops by Harvard and MIT.

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